After teaching for almost 20 years, Sara took the plunge into real estate, bringing over 13 years of experience to The Wilson Group. Her goal as a Realtor is for her buyers and sellers to feel the personal attention to detail that she gives to all of them. Each transaction is different and follows its own path—her years of teaching, coupled with her real estate background, have given her the tools to educate and advise her clients through the sometimes challenging avenues of buying and selling homes.

Having grown up on a working farm in Buckingham County, Virginia, Sara is no stranger to hard work and dedication. After graduating from UVA, she married and moved to New York, working as a marketing assistant and production coordinator for Orangina, a French-owned soft drink company. Returning to Richmond in the mid-1980’s, Sara completed a master’s degree in Teaching Writing at VCU and then taught high school for close to 20 years.

After leaving the teaching world, Sara soon discovered that a life of playing tennis, eating bon-bons, and watching daytime TV left much to be desired. So she followed an instinct that drew her to real estate and became licensed in 2003. “Real estate is a complex profession, much like teaching,” Sara explains. “On any given day I find that I am a facilitator, a counselor, a therapist, a consultant, a negotiator, a marketer, and of course, an educator.” With a laugh, she added, “I did mention therapist, right?”